Soul-winning Is Top Priority With God

A good man is guided by his honesty; the evil man is destroyed by his dishonesty.

Soul-winning Is Top Priority With God


(Nothing Is Hidden From God)

TO THE BIBLE: Proverbs 11:3 TLB

“A good man is guided by his honesty; the evil man is destroyed by his dishonesty.”


Many years ago, when I was a fresher in college, I went to the school cafeteria with three friends to have lunch. There was a long queue there and we had to present our meal tickets before we could be attended to. My friends had their tickets with them but they somehow pulled a fast one on the lady who was serving and got an extra plate of food.

While we were at the table, I noticed there the extra plate, and I asked, “How did you get it?” They replied, “Don’t worry; at least no one saw us.” I leaned closer, pointed upwards, and said to them, “God saw you; take it back” They were embarrassed and took the plate back to the counter. Their mindset was, “No one saw it.” But the truth was, God did!

You could deceive others or hide things from them, but you can’t do the same with God. What should be tops in your mind whenever you do anything is what God thinks about it and not whether people know about it or not. Remember, nothing is hidden from God, for He sees everything we do!

Go Deeper: Jeremiah 23:24, Hebrews 4:13


I’m guided in my thoughts by God’s Word. My utterances and actions are to His glory, and His love makes me do what is right at all times, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Daily Bible Workout


Matthew 10:24-42, Genesis 34-35


Matthew 6:1-13, Genesis 14


Are there some things you do that aren’t right? Make a decision today to stop doing them and start re-training yourself to do the right things instead.

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