Becoming who God wants you to be by Pastor Paul Adefarasin

Becoming who God wants you to be by Pastor Paul Adefarasin

Becoming who God wants you to be by Pastor Paul Adefarasin

Becoming who God wants you to be by Pastor Paul Adefarasin

“Your Year To Become” in the “Something is about to happen” series. Preached by Senior Pastor of House on The Rock Church, Pastor Paul Adefarasin.

God is present in all of your time so when he speaks an eternal word into your now, that word remains, but he backs up all the way into your history and cleans up your past and prohibits it from affecting your future.

He puts the word in place so that it no longer has the capacity to trip you up or to prevent you from coming into your promise. The same word that is eternal and present in your yesteryear and present time also stands far flung into your future, into the total of all that you will become.

When God makes a promise to you, he’s not making it to you from your now or your yesteryears; he’s making it you from a future that he has already experienced which you are yet to. But the Spirit of revelation can transport your intellect to experience in a glimpse, the future that you haven’t come into yet so that what you see is a promise yet to happen and is also comforting to you now in your present.

God lives in your tomorrow

In the case of Jeremiah, he was a little boy ordained by God with no prior knowledge that he was sent to the nations. He had no clue his words will be so likened to an oracle from God, and that is office will change nations, states, kings and systems.

When God spoke to him, Jeremiah began to retort and didn’t feel like he was capable, but God told him those things he had seen and done concerning him even before he was formed in his mother’s womb. God had experienced him entirely before he was even a blood clot.

The same applies to you; God has experienced your one-year-old infancy, your 10-year-old infancy. He has experienced your teenage years, your whole life already, so you can’t tell him you cannot be what or who he wants you to be. God is prophetic and lives in your tomorrow and from the reality of the tomorrow, he promises to give you specific assurances that you will make it.

Your transformation is a process

To become means whatever your stature or status is right now, you will not be that by the time the year ends. One short telltale sign that you are a recipient of the gospel continually is that there’s transformation or progression in your life not behaviour alteration. What you’re going through right now is all part of God’s orchestrated process to transform you into what you are to become.

You may be going through so many downturns and negatives, but God is never the author of evil; he sometimes allows it because in his sovereignty, coupled with his love, he is well able to use everything in your life as an orchestrated symphony to bring you to a symphonic and harmonious fulfilling latter end.

God is able to take the good, the bad and the ugly and make all things according to Romans 8:28 work together for the good of them who love him according to his purpose.

Everything can work together for your good

God is still in control of your life, and no matter what things you did do, God is still able to make them work together for your good. After all is said and done, everything is going to work together for your good to them who are the called according to his purpose. You can’t stay far away from the word because the word will show you what you have on the inside, the word will show you where you can go, what God has in store for you.

The word of God will reveal to you all your possibilities and show you your creative purpose, and you will begin to call forth what you want from inside the earth. Your greatest weapon is your ability to take what is in the earth and shape it into the form of what you want to have.

God doesn’t give you oak trees, you have to look down and humble yourself and pick up acorns and then plant them in the soil, and they’ll become trees.

Watch the full sermon by Pastor Paul Adefarasin and grasp all that God has for you to take you to the next level.

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