Emi Mimo (Holy Spirit) Lyrics

verse 1

Holy Spirit burn within us
Make your presence known

Do your will now
Take control now

Make our heart your own
Let your voice never seize to

Speak the fathers mind to us
Give us treasures without measures
Growing now the throne of grace

Wa o,
Emi mi mo
Tete wa o,
Emi mi mo

verse 2
We are thirsty, dry and empty
Waiting for the rain

Send your rivers, in the desert
Fill us up again

Set your love, right within us
Take our fears and give us faith

Saturate, purify
Let your love over flow


Wa o,
Emi mi mo
Tete wa o,
Emi mi mo
Wa o,
Emi mi mo
Tete wa o,
Emi mi mo
Wa wa wa
Emi mi mo
Wa wa wa
Wa o, wa o, wa o


verse 3

Come like a rain
Come like a wind
Come like a fire
In your presence, your grace
Spirit of glory
Spirit of grace
Fill me now
Holy Spirit of the living God
Fall afresh on me now


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