Grace To Grace MP3 Song And Lyrics

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Words and Music by Chris Davenport & Joel Houston

Verse 1
If love endured that ancient cross
How precious is my Saviour’s blood
The beauty of heaven wrapped in my shame
The image of love upon death’s frame

Pre-Chorus 1
If having my heart was worth the pain
What joy could You see beyond the grave
If love found my soul worth dying for

How wonderful
How glorious
My Saviour’s scars
My chains are gone
My debt is paid
From death to life
And grace to grace

Verse 2
If heaven now owns that vacant tomb
How great is the hope that lives inYou
The passion that tore
Through hell like a rose
The promise that rolled back
Death and its stone

Pre-Chorus 2
If freedom is worth the life You raised
Oh where is my sin where is my shame
If love paid it all to have my heart

When I see that cross I see freedom
When I see that grave I’ll see Jesus
And from death to life
I will sing Your praise
In the wonder of Your grace

How my soul will sing Your praise
In the wonder of Your grace
How my soul will sing Your praise

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