Grande Finale at the LIMA LoveWorld International Music & Arts Awards 2018

The highly esteemed President, Rev. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome, rounded off the final session of the IPPC 2018 with an inspiring teaching on the power of prayer. The message from this very last session has found its way into the hearts and minds of everyone present and concluded a magnificent series on the power in pursuit of purpose. In the evening, the excitingly expected LIMA – the LoveWorld International Music and Arts Awards – was presented and celebrated with a big bang.

The world-class music ministers exceeded once more all expectations and delivered stunning performances and ministrations. Thank, you Pastor Chris, for raising this generation of world-class talents who are are already changing nations with their passion for Jesus Christ, sending the gospel around the world through music and arts. Jeannine Zoe had the honour of ministering her song „Higher Life“ on stage with CSO from her new album „New Creature“. Furthermore, we proudly congratulate Jeannine on the award in the „All Star Category“ for „I’m so in love with you“ featuring Frank Edwards.

This touching love song is already known around the world as the wedding song of Sharon and Phillip Frimpong. After various outstanding acts, the celebration ended with the two „biggies“, the best worship song and best song of the year. Both went to one and the same marvellous artist, namely CSO, for her wonderful song „Holy Spirit“ of which the music video was produced by YOU Church, shot in beautiful Swiss mountain scenery and cities. We warmly congratulate all award winners and are looking forward to enjoying more fruits of your astonishing work.

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