Sinach by Matchless Love



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Matchless Love By Sinach Lyrics

You went to Calvary
Gave your very best
You died and rose agin
All for me
You said it is finished
Oh oh oh
Now I sing
Now I sing

Oh what a matchless love displayed
Oh what a glorious sacrifice
I am grateful for Your body
Grateful for the blood
Jesus I love You


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Over the years this beautiful songstress has continued to reach a wide range of listeners through her electrifying performances, pleasant-sounding tunes plus life-changing lyrics.

This song is such that mirrors the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ and also recognizes the victory that everyone who believes in Him has.

‘Matchless Love’ is indeed a song from a heart that truly understands the finished work of Christ on Calvary’s tree and the privilege that we have as a result of that.

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