Last year, despite having several community projects running concurrently, the charismatic Senior Pastor of the House On The Rock Churches, Pastor Paul Adefarasin spear-headed another community impact initiative called PROJECT FEED (FEED stands for Feed, Enable, Empower and Deliver Dominion). Administered directly out of the Rock Cathedral located in Lekki, Lagos, this Project feeds 100s of indigent people in the community surrounding the premises of the Church. Initially modelled after an inner city soup kitchen, this project has since evolved into an empowerment scheme for providing much-needed vocational, technical and personal skills training to many.

Project FEED is a passion project that started by feeding about 150 people immediately after the Sunday service. It has now grown in the last few months to feeding more than 500 + people weekly with dietary staples like rice, chicken, moi-moi (bean cakes) and chicken, effectively bringing the number of people fed by the House on the Rock Church weekly to more than 2,000 (including those fed during the weekly urban outreaches to the area boys on Lagos Island). In addition to these weekly meals, donations of clothes, personal hygiene products and free medical care are provided to those in need.

The focus of PROJECT FEED is on meeting the immediate need of providing meals to the people and equipping them with the skills they need to have fulfilling lives. Consequently, about 30 promising men and women with the capacity and affinity for technical studies, have been selectively chosen to participate in several intensive skills training courses in various proficiencies such as carpentry, electrical repairs, catering, welding, tailoring, painting, driving etc. thus ensuring that they become productive members of the community, able also to help others.

A serial community Reformer, Paul Adefarasin has stated that his incentive for these transformational projects is to show God’s love to those who are in need and disadvantaged. He states that, “We like to see ourselves at House on the Rock as culturists, where we are not only intervening in human need and areas of human degradation but we are also creating a popular culture so that it becomes fashionable for other Churches, other Christians, corporate organisations and banks, to do likewise. Hopefully, Church bodies, which are veritable social nets, can become conduits for channelling food products, food items to people who have need”.

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