Speaking In Tongues Is Spiritual Exercise.


(Speaking In Tongues Is Spiritual Exercise)

TO THE BIBLE: 1 Timothy 4:7-8 CEV

“…Keep yourself in training for a godly life. Physical exercise has some value, but spiritual exercise is valuable in every way, because it promises life both for the present and for the future.”


Spiritual exercise refers to exercising your human spirit, which is the real you. Always remember, you’re more than your physical body. You’re a spirit; you live in a body, and you have a soul. It’s true that physical exercise is necessary for the body, but its benefits are still little when compared with spiritual exercise which has better and long-lasting benefits. Spiritual exercise adds value to your life in every way (1 Timothy 4:8 CEV).

One sure way of engaging in spiritual exercise is praying in other tongues. This activity keeps your spirit on fire for God! Christians who pray in tongues regularly are more “fit” spiritually than those who don’t. They’re always more sensitive and responsive to the things of the Spirit, and can easily be moved by Him. It’s easier for such Christians to pray, win souls, or give financially to Kingdom work. They’re never dull when it comes to doing the things of God.

On the contrary, Christians who don’t speak in tongues often find it challenging to respond to or relate with the Spirit of God. They’re not easily convinced by the Word! Even when God’s Word is clear on a certain subject, they’ll still have objections. That’s because they aren’t “fit” spiritually. What such folks need is to spend more time exercising their spirits by praying in tongues. It’s a great spiritual exercise and the fastest way to energise your spirit for victorious living.

Go Deeper: 1 Corinthians 14:2-4, Jude 1:20


Dear Lord, thank you for showing me how to exercise my spirit, through praying in tongues! I focus my attention on this godly exercise and it profits me in every area of my life. As I constantly exercise my spirit, the guaranteed results are progress, increase, and effectiveness in my life, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Daily Bible Workout


Matthew 6:1-18, Genesis 18-19


Matthew 4:1-11, Genesis 7


Exercise your spirit: speak in other tongues right now!

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